sacrificeHe came to give his sacrifice. But he had nothing to offer.

“Lord,” he said, “I have nothing to offer you.  Not even a sparrow.  How can I be forgiven without a sacrifice?”  He  sat at the temple gates weeping. With no grain, meal, wine or not even a quadran– a quarter of a farthing– to buy even a half a sparrow to offer to his Lord.

“Lord,” he cried out once more in his anguish, “ I am a peasant.  I have nothing to offer you.  My life is meaningless. I barely have enough to keep me from starving from day to day. I am not a beggar but I am not a rich man.  What  can I give you, Lord, that would be worthy of your love?”

“Do you think I need bulls, or rams, or even sparrows to prove your love for me?  Those things are mine anyway.  That was just my way of having the people atone for their sins because they don’t really understand my love for them.  Ask and it will be given. Seek and you will find.”

“Ask what , Lord.  Seek after what? I just don’t understand.  What am I to do to please you?”

“You just have to give of yourself.  Give yourself to me and I will pour out my love on you so much you cannot contain it. Seek me and righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. Trust in me. You have already shown your willingness to please me and your humility in your attitude. Go and your sins are forgiven.”

The man looked around.  He was  physically alone and knew that he heard from God himself. He left the temple area not laughing at the others for their lack  of faith and understanding, but smiling knowing that his God was pleased with him and that he was loved for who he was.

©  Simply Consider This, 2013.




perfect worldHOPE:
Io expect with confidence

Belief in something

A feeling of contentment or self-satisfaction, especially when coupled with an unawareness of danger, trouble, or controversy.

A state of mutual harmony between people or groups, especially in personal relations:

When we hope, we have the expectation that what we hope for will come to pass.

If we follow the doctrine that God has everything under control, then we must accept the outcome of our hope when the results are in.

When we accept the outcome of our hope as God’s will, we live our lives within the comfort of complacency.

Living within the comfort of complacency affords us a peace beyond understanding.

We must accept the fact that all that happens, happens for a reason, is according to God’s will,  and there is nothing that we can do to change it.  After all, who are we to question God?   He is omniscient.  If God doesn’t know what is going on, then who does?
Once we accept the fact that all that happens is God’s will, we must be content with the outcome.  We may not agree with the outcome, but it is what it is, and we must accept it.
Hope relies on faith and faith relies on trust.  If we do not place our trust in God, then we have no hope.  If the hope we claim is not based on trust, then we have no relationship with the God we call our Father.
How, then, can we have Hope in the Father?
Trust that what He tells us is Truth,  Accept the outcome as His will and be Complacent with that outcome.
Then, and only then, will we have Peace in our lives.


heaven-on-earthIn a perfect world
There would be no sadness,
only joy would be found.

In a perfect world
There would be no hate,
only love and peace.

In a perfect world
There would be no greed,
only giving and sharing.

In a perfect world
There would be no race,
no color difference.

In a perfect world
There would be no religion,
no arguments about belief.

In a perfect world
There would be no disease,
no pain, no hurt.

In a perfect world
There would be no hunger,
all would have enough to eat.

In a perfect world
There would be no loneliness,
all would be included.

In a perfect world
All would be perfect,
sounds like heaven to me.

©  Simply Consider This, 2013.


at wits endWhen life has sucked all the life out of you
When there is nothing you can say
When there is nothing you can do
When overwhelmed by more than you can stand
When all emotions are emptied from inside
When your heart is so heavy with grief
When in the night there is no sleep
When all you have tried has failed
When all around you portrays hell
Storm’s raging turmoil
Tortures the essence of your being
There is no comfort to be found
Darkness will not relent, determined to destroy
Weariness encamps around about you
Like fountains overflowing, tears freely fall

Broken, bruised the spirit cries out to be heard
Desperate the soul bitterly weeps for peace
Jesus, Jesus, whispered oh so tenderly
From lips that can barely speak
I worship You, Oh Holy One
I worship You, Oh Holy One
In the midst of this raging storm
I worship You
Knowing there is nothing the soul it’s self can repair
There is nothing the spirit by it’s self can restore
But God, Your presence, Your presence!
It is all I have, it is all I need
It is my all in all –
The world swirls around my mind
Blinding my eyes from Your beauty –

Jesus!  Jesus!  Cries my heart – come sweet Holy Spirit
Come!!  Come to this desert place in which I dwell
Come rain, Come rain gently
Your peace upon this parched wounded heart
Seeking solace, Seeking You
I know You will be found
It is there, there in You alone
My soul finds peace, my spirit is restored
It is there in Your presence, Oh my God!
Oh my Savior, My King,
The Restorer, the Life Giver!
I come seeking You and only You!
I come, I come waiting, I come praising
I come to worship You – longingly
Oh My God longing for You!!
Refreshing renewal, like rain to the thirsty ground
You come to me
Drinking in Your Presence – I breathe in once again, Life
Rising up from the ashes, soaring like the eagle
You Oh God, have given me wings to take flight
With You I soar, with You I find relief
Nothing can ever compare
Oh the sweetest of Your Presence!

©  Simply Consider This, 2013.


elephantHe kind of snuck in when I wasn’t looking.
At first I didn’t even notice.
He was small, unassuming and quiet.
Most people ignored him when they came over
thinking he was ornamental.

But then he grew.
Fewer and fewer people came over
They were uncomfortable
with him in the room
I just worked around him as I passed by.

One day I had a hard time
getting out of my own house.
He seemed to block my way
So I went to the back door
And that seemed to work.

When he blocked
the entrance to the stairs
And I could no longer
get to my bed to sleep
I knew something had to be done.

I asked him to leave
but I could see that politeness
would not work.
I begged, then demanded and yet
he stood quietly in the vestibule.

Finally, in desperation,
I knocked down the wall
to the outside
When he saw the world outside
He went running to freedom.

The pachyderm is gone
But his memory lives on
I don’t miss him
He really messed up my house
Be watchful of the pachyderm

©  Simply Consider This, 2013.

This is a repost. Not something I would ordinarily do, but I thought some would enjoy seeing this who might have missed it the first go around.   Little things that we let into our lives can grow to be quite large if we let them.  Sometimes we are the last to see it and no one is willing to tell us that we have a problem.


archangel1In the quiet stillness of the night
I hear my name.
With eyes opened, I look around
Everyone is sleeping.
I wait to hear but no sound is made
I close my eyes once more.

From the foot of the bed,
I hear breathing
A foul stench fills the room
Filled with fear, I begin to shake
I try to cry out but no sound comes
I dare not open my eyes.

The breathing seems to get closer
I try, but can not open my eyes
All my muscles are tensed with fear.
With lips clinched and jaw set
I try to cry out
I groan “Jesus” in my throat

Light flashes through my eyelids
Shrieks ring out
I try to look but now
my eyes are held shut
The shrieks subside
The stench is gone

My body goes limp
I open my eyes only slightly
To see a slowly fading light
A sweet aroma fills the room
A figure remains beside me
Peace flows freely

In the quiet stillness of the night
I hear my name
I open my eyes briefly
Then close them again
And say, “Thank you”
As I drift off to sleep

©  Simply Consider This, 2013.


robeThe Robe of Righteousness is given and it carries an aroma. It is the sweet aroma of the Savior which lingers on this beautiful cloak of covering.  Not worthy to wear this robe, it was taken and place upon my shoulders as a precious gift of love – as it was placed on me I couldn’t help  to inhale the aroma of the robe.   Shutting my eyes, all my senses were heightened.  Intoxicated, I began to melt into it’s fragrance.  Suddenly swept away, all I knew before was gone– the shame, fear, all the wrongs of times past.  Peace, such peace, forgiveness and warmth like I have never experienced in my lifetime flooded my soul. So completely caught up in it’s essence, nothing else existed.   Then softly interrupting this intimate moment, came a still small voice saying….
“Walk with this robe draped around you, walk in confidence that you are valued, loved and now belong to your Beloved.”

Oh how I cherished that moment.

As I wore this beautiful gift, this precious Robe of Righteousness, every day began with seeking the secrets of Life in my Beloved’s presence.  The robe always kept the sweet aroma.  As time went on, although I still wore this beautiful robe given to me by my Beloved, something changed. Something was missing. The sweet aroma began to fade.  Little by little the sweet fragrance began to turn sour.  My beautiful robe was soiled. Trying to bring the fragrance back, I began working harder in the things the Father had given me to do, thinking it would surely bring back the missing fragrant aroma of Christ.  All the good deeds, and the money given, everything I tried wasn’t working…the robe was still soiled.

Why and how can this be? I still wore the robe draped around me.  Never did I betray my beliefs of how it came to be there.  But no longer did the aroma, the sweet fragrant essence of the robe, linger.  It was gone.  Disappointed, disillusioned, and weary I began to seek the Giver of this once beautiful treasure, this Robe of Righteousness.  Sitting quietly, waiting, anticipating His presence, conviction of my heart began to overwhelm me and tears of brokenness began to roll uncontrollably down my face.
Instantly there was an awakening, the reason for the absence of the fragrance.  The eyes of my understanding were opened.  The sweetness of the aroma was the residue of the Savior’s presence.  Daily as I came to sit quietly before Him, to share my heart and listen to His and learn of Him, it was in those moments where His presence lingered on this beautiful Robe of Righteousness given to me – His fragrance, the sweet fragrant residue of Jesus settled upon this robe.  The robe would be freshened with His essence, His very presence.   And if the robe was to keep this sweet aroma,  I must spend time in His presence daily.  For by missing just once, the sweet aroma of my Beloved would fade.

Falling on my face I cried out, “Oh, Father forgive me…this beautiful Robe of Righteousness I have unintentionally soiled…a loving gift taken for granted, without attention nor respect.  A great price was paid for this beautiful robe, a price I could not pay. A price which was paid with your dear Son’s life.”
My soul wept bitterly.

Reaching out, tenderly with such warmth, the Creator touched my brokenness and breathed life into me once again.  Oh, nothing can describe the peace, acceptance and forgiveness so warmly felt.  As I basked in the warmth that radiated from Him, I noticed a familiar aroma began to fill the air. Sweet was the fragrance, the sweet aroma of my Beloved.  As I left the secret place where we have met so many times before, the robe draped around my shoulders once again carried His sweet fragrance. Closing my eyes I smiled, still surrounded in His presence, realizing this moment was a lesson well learned.
My beautiful Robe of Righteousness, this precious gift of Christ, can only retain it’s fragrance by continually, daily, being in His presence.

Jesus, may I become so addicted to the sweet aroma of your presence, that I desperately long for the moment when it is just you and me.

I am my Beloved’s and He is mine.

©  Simply Consider This, 2013.