beecowOur journey today begins in the book of Exodus when God told Moses that He was going to free the Israelites from the hand of Pharaoh. God said that He was going to take them to the promised land.  A land flowing with milk and honey.
God did not instruct Moses to tell Pharaoh to free His people because they were slaves and slavery was wrong.  God had heard the cries of His people due to their oppression, but this was not the prime objective.  He wanted the Israelites freed so they could worship Him. This was what Moses told Pharaoh over and over when he presented his case.  “This is what the Lord says, ‘Let my people go, so they may worship me’.”   God desired, and still desires, the worship of His people.  So, after Moses bugged Pharaoh (he used real bugs), and a few other plagues were inflicted on Egypt for not listening to God, Pharaoh let God’s people go.
After three months, they arrived at Sinai where God gave them the law, they rebelled and built an idol, were forgiven after punishment and proceeded to Kadesh, where they were supposed to go into the promised land, but got scared off by the “giants.”  So they wandered around another forty years until they were ready to receive the promise (very abridged version).
When they were entering the promised land, God told them to destroy all the people in the land, not to make any treaties with any of the inhabitants, and definitely do not inter-marry.  Of course they didn’t listen, and they had nothing but trouble from then on.  God knew that if they did not eradicate all the inhabitants, soon they would be adopting their ways, accepting their cultural differences, and worshiping their gods. This brings us to the milk and honey.
I have often wondered why God would tell them that the promised land  was flowing with milk and honey.  They had milk and honey in Egypt.  Why would that be such an enticement for an oppressed people?  Cows and goats give more milk when they are well fed and bees make honey from the plants that they pollinate.  It stands to reason that if the promised land was a lush vegetative haven that there would be an abundance of milk and honey. That would be a sharp contrast to the deserts of Egypt where they had been enslaved for 400 years.  But was there more to the “milk and honey” than just provision?  Lets take a brief look at milk and honey.
Honey is sweet.  It contains nutrients which can combat illnesses.  A spoonful of local honey a day can help with allergies and the comb  can help with digestive disorders.  You can cook with it, use the wax for all sorts of things, and even use honey on your skin for irritations, according to the old timers.  It is all natural and God given with no artificial preservatives.  But if you get too much it can have an adverse reaction on your digestive tract and is strongly advised against for babies.  Honey, like any good thing, has its limitations.  It may be sweet, but must be used in moderation.
Milk has made a lot of changes over the years.  In the days of Moses, a cow or goat would have been milked, then the liquid strained for any substances like unprocessed grass or seed remnants. As they let the raw milk set, the cream floated to the top and was usually skimmed off to make butter or whipping cream.  Pasteurization is now required for milk to be sold in the U.S., which is basically a heating process to kill any contaminates.  This is done now to purify the milk.  Then there is the homogenization.
Homogenization is the blending of the milk fat into the rest until it is virtually undetectable.  I remember going to the dairy and buying milk in a glass, gallon jug.  It was always a treat to be the first one to peel the paper top off the jug and lick the cream from it.  It stuck to the roof of your mouth and was what could only be described as sweet.  Now, everything is blended together so much that you can’t tell if there really is any cream left in the milk at all. We buy milk in plastic jugs in varying degrees of milk fat content which is pasteurized and homogenized and sometimes even in the skim variety which tastes, to me, like white, colored water.
Now that you have had a brief lesson in milk and honey, lets get back to Israel. God knew that if the people were to intermingle with the local populace, their worship would turn from Him to other gods.  The only way for the Israelites to remain spiritually pure and true to Him would be to get rid of all remnants of  other gods and their worshipers.  God did not really want genocide but he knew that after 400 years of being around the Egyptians, it would be very easy for them to fall into worshiping false gods.  The milk and honey of the land would lead them to the watered down religion and the false security of plenty, and soon they would be worshiping the provision and not the provider.  They had already proved that with the manna and quail in the desert.
Lets put this into perspective for today.  First, I am in no way advocating genocide for non Christians.  That would go against everything that Jesus taught and would be utterly absurd.  But lets look at the facts.  We, as Christians, are being told that we are to accept and embrace any kind of lifestyle, or belief, that agrees with, or goes against,  all that we hold as truth.  Our government is embracing military advisers who firmly believe that Christians are a threat to our national security and should be deemed traitors to our government. (See  “” )

Our society would rather that Christians are silent.  We are to keep our faith to ourselves and do not try to share the Gospel.  We are to be homogenized into the mainstream and accept all that is happening in society.  Christians are never to be outspoken about their faith or moral values if they go against the public opinion which is propagandized by the liberal media.  We are not even to be seen, much less heard.  Isn’t the fact that there is a church on every block (no matter how empty) enough for us?  All of our Christian “holidays” have been stripped of their original meaning in the mainstream.  Of course, these were homogenized into pagan holidays back in the 4th century.  Christmas=winter solstice/ Easter=bunnies and eggs honoring the sun god and moon goddess on the day of Ishtar.
Wake up, Christians.  We are being integrated or exterminated.  We must either stand for God or fall with Satan.  The milk and honey of American prosperity has lulled too many to sleep and it is time to honor God with our hearts and lives, not just with our lips.  A little Radical, yes. Extremist, maybe. Unrealistic. Psychotic.  Paranoid.  I think not.
Matthew 24 read and heed.


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