-girl-depressionThere’s no place to hide
from the raging storm inside
Wondering what you have done
why life’s cruel pendulum swung
knocking feet out from under you
changing everything you once knew
The eyes with tears start to swell
pain of a broken heart tell
Jesus whispers in your ear
my dear child, I am here
catching every tear that falls
catching everyone and all
Never left alone are you
together we will walk this through
Every trial that comes your way
is not forever here to stay
Sorrow and pain being so real
thinking you could never heal
Convinced this path may never change
close to Me, my child remain
In this life there will be
sorrow, pain and suffering
Ever since the fall of man
changing God’s original plan
The here and now matters you see
I only ask you believe
My tender hand leading you though
step by step taking you
All fear that abides
deep within your heart inside
quickly disappears
as the Savior draws near
Peace He brings like never known
swiftly sent from the heavenly throne
Carried along by heaven’s best
come my child, into My rest
Comfort for your weary soul
strength and courage to be bold
Hope rebounds, spirit’s refreshed
surrounded by God’s presence
Pouring over you His love
gather strength from above
Pain and sorrow you now feel
soon my child will be healed
For I hold your tomorrows
passing is
this pain and sorrow.

©  Simply Consider This, 2013.




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