wildernessWill anyone hear if I scream
Will anyone notice if I’m gone
Will anyone care my heart is broke
Will anyone smile at me today
Will anyone look me in the eyes

Will anyone take my hand when I fall
Will anyone speak for me when I can’t
Will anyone understand my pain
Will anyone see the tears I cry
Will anyone care to ask why

Will anyone take these burdens I bear
And really shoulder them with me
Will anyone take the time to love me
Will anyone help me to carry on
This life has been so cruel

Will anyone care about the hurt
Will anyone know how to make it stop
Will anyone really care
Does anyone see…..

While pondering all these cares
Came a voice softly through the air

Child, you are heard
Child, you are seen
Child, I know your brokenness
Child, I have looked into your eyes

Child, I was the hand reaching out to you
Child, I spoke on your behalf
Child, I understand the pain
Child, you are loved – unconditionally
Child, I will help you

Child, I shared your hurt
Child, I care for you
Child, never were you alone
Child, I have been here all along

Who is this that calls me child
Who is this that you should care
Who is this that knows me well
Who is this that heard my prayers

Child, I AM is your “anyone”

©  Simply Consider This, 2013.


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