fireanddropz2Fire and tears are born by passion
Fire and Tears understands compassion
Fire and Tears honors God’s heart
Fire and Tears sets one apart

Fire and Tears makes one bold
Fire and Tears completes the soul
Fire and Tears know no boundaries
Fire and Tears defeat all adversaries

Fire and Tears both fall like rain
Fire and Tears can break all chains
Fire and Tears come painfully
Fire and Tears cleanses thoroughly

Fire and Tears deeply loves
Fire and Tears moves the Father above
Fire and Tears the gap does fill
Fire and Tears a wall does build

Fire and Tears took all shame
Fire and Tears have conquered the grave
Fire and Tears truly war for men
Bringing to pass their redemption

Fire of Spirit and Tears of the heart
From saintly prayers never depart
Desperately seeking the face of God
Humbly bowed in wondrous awe
For the righteous they do plead
Justice against our enemies

Standing on God’s Word alone
Bringing His Word before His throne
Forever seeking til it’s sought
Until the answer has been brought
Fire & Tears continually plead
For the soul of all humanity…

©  Simply Consider This, 2013.


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