DOGOften times, when I am sitting at my desk, working at the computer, my little dog Sally will come into the office and whine for my attention.

Sometimes she just wants to be noticed, which entails scratching her behind the ears, or all over, then she will lay down on the floor behind my chair.  Other times, she whines at me and looks toward the office door, which means one of two things.  She either wants to go outside, or she thinks it is time for me to get her something to eat.  I never know which it is until I get to the front door, only to have her head off into the kitchen.

She is slightly spoiled, but doesn’t always get her way. It is in the times that I tell her, “No,” that she will plop down behind my chair with a loud sigh, put her head down between her paws to give the best “poor puppy” look and pout, until I finally decide to get up from my desk.  Then there is a chance of getting what she wants, so she will start down the stairs, stopping every couple of steps to make sure that I’m still behind her, until we reach the bottom. This has been going on for nearly fifteen years and we have each other pretty well-trained by now.

Every night, she sleeps on the foot of our bed, unless it is really cold, then she gets up close to either me or my wife.  There are the times when we have those over night thunderstorms. Sally has always been afraid of the storms.  I don’t know if it’s the lightning or the thunder, or both, but when she hears it–which is generally long before we do–we have a dog up near our heads.  You would think that she would want to hide under the covers, but she will always try to get as close to our faces as she is allowed.  Then she will shiver until one of us puts our arm over her. This happened just the other night and got me to thinking.

Many times we come to God for what He can do with His hands.  What can You give me, how can You perform for me today?   We always want the blessings or the prayers answered right now and pout when it doesn’t happen according to our time-table.

Then there are the stormy times when we NEED God.   It is in those times that we earnestly seek His face and He protects us under the shadow of His wings.  It is in those hard times when we give more to Him and He to us.  What God really wants is for that same relationship to carry over in our everyday life not just in our hard days’ night.  He longs for that closeness with us all of the time.  That is why there are so many scriptures which say things like, “When you seek me with all your heart, you will find me.”  It isn’t just the ask, seek, knock, give me, help me.  Seek Him for who He is and not for what he can do for you.  While looking for the who, the what will most generally take care of itself.


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