jesus_holding_manI am not I AM.
Not even close.
But I keep on hanging on.

If I lose my self
Then who would I be?
The whole idea seems wrong.

A clean slate
For God to work with.
Is that what He requires?

What about me
And my ideas?
What about my hopes, desires?

Do I just turn away
From being me?
What does this all include?

And how do I
Make the change?
In spirit and in truth?

Do I pretend
Until I become
The me that Jesus sees?

I can’t, I won’t
Put on an act
To make myself  believe.

I must decrease
So He can increase.
It is a gradual obsession.

Not just today
But many tomorrows
To finally learn God’s lessons.

©  Simply Consider This, 2013.


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