robeThe Robe of Righteousness is given and it carries an aroma. It is the sweet aroma of the Savior which lingers on this beautiful cloak of covering.  Not worthy to wear this robe, it was taken and place upon my shoulders as a precious gift of love – as it was placed on me I couldn’t help  to inhale the aroma of the robe.   Shutting my eyes, all my senses were heightened.  Intoxicated, I began to melt into it’s fragrance.  Suddenly swept away, all I knew before was gone– the shame, fear, all the wrongs of times past.  Peace, such peace, forgiveness and warmth like I have never experienced in my lifetime flooded my soul. So completely caught up in it’s essence, nothing else existed.   Then softly interrupting this intimate moment, came a still small voice saying….
“Walk with this robe draped around you, walk in confidence that you are valued, loved and now belong to your Beloved.”

Oh how I cherished that moment.

As I wore this beautiful gift, this precious Robe of Righteousness, every day began with seeking the secrets of Life in my Beloved’s presence.  The robe always kept the sweet aroma.  As time went on, although I still wore this beautiful robe given to me by my Beloved, something changed. Something was missing. The sweet aroma began to fade.  Little by little the sweet fragrance began to turn sour.  My beautiful robe was soiled. Trying to bring the fragrance back, I began working harder in the things the Father had given me to do, thinking it would surely bring back the missing fragrant aroma of Christ.  All the good deeds, and the money given, everything I tried wasn’t working…the robe was still soiled.

Why and how can this be? I still wore the robe draped around me.  Never did I betray my beliefs of how it came to be there.  But no longer did the aroma, the sweet fragrant essence of the robe, linger.  It was gone.  Disappointed, disillusioned, and weary I began to seek the Giver of this once beautiful treasure, this Robe of Righteousness.  Sitting quietly, waiting, anticipating His presence, conviction of my heart began to overwhelm me and tears of brokenness began to roll uncontrollably down my face.
Instantly there was an awakening, the reason for the absence of the fragrance.  The eyes of my understanding were opened.  The sweetness of the aroma was the residue of the Savior’s presence.  Daily as I came to sit quietly before Him, to share my heart and listen to His and learn of Him, it was in those moments where His presence lingered on this beautiful Robe of Righteousness given to me – His fragrance, the sweet fragrant residue of Jesus settled upon this robe.  The robe would be freshened with His essence, His very presence.   And if the robe was to keep this sweet aroma,  I must spend time in His presence daily.  For by missing just once, the sweet aroma of my Beloved would fade.

Falling on my face I cried out, “Oh, Father forgive me…this beautiful Robe of Righteousness I have unintentionally soiled…a loving gift taken for granted, without attention nor respect.  A great price was paid for this beautiful robe, a price I could not pay. A price which was paid with your dear Son’s life.”
My soul wept bitterly.

Reaching out, tenderly with such warmth, the Creator touched my brokenness and breathed life into me once again.  Oh, nothing can describe the peace, acceptance and forgiveness so warmly felt.  As I basked in the warmth that radiated from Him, I noticed a familiar aroma began to fill the air. Sweet was the fragrance, the sweet aroma of my Beloved.  As I left the secret place where we have met so many times before, the robe draped around my shoulders once again carried His sweet fragrance. Closing my eyes I smiled, still surrounded in His presence, realizing this moment was a lesson well learned.
My beautiful Robe of Righteousness, this precious gift of Christ, can only retain it’s fragrance by continually, daily, being in His presence.

Jesus, may I become so addicted to the sweet aroma of your presence, that I desperately long for the moment when it is just you and me.

I am my Beloved’s and He is mine.

©  Simply Consider This, 2013.


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