gloryWhen I think of You and who You are
How You’ve touched my indebted heart
Desperately seeking to see Your face
To behold the beauty of your grace
Holy Spirit come like a soft breeze
Calm my soul to it set free

Soaring upward my soul disappears
Surrounded by Your Presence
Melting all my fears
Your smile invites me before your throne
Where it’s just You and me alone

Oh Your beauty, no words can describe
Together with mercy
Your love does not hide
With majestic splendor
Glory shines from Your face
Illuminating the wonders of this place
Burning so deep is Your passionate desire
I am overwhelmed by Your Holy Fire
Foreign to many but known to the few
Is the secret place where all is made newglory 2

Grace is the sound that I hear
Grace is the Life that is spoken here
Grace is where Your dwelling begins
You Almighty One, who is without end

How much You love
Will we ever understand
How You Oh God, treasure man
You whisper our names in the night
Calling our souls to come take flight
As a lover yearns for his love
You oh God, desire us

When I think of You and who You are
How can I not give You
All of my heart

©  Simply Consider This, 2013.


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