So many demons in my own life, how can I pray?
My heart cries out to You, Oh Lord!
Incapable of slaying those haunting fearsth_womaninrain_zpsf260346f
I weep.
Crushing sadness fills the very essence of my person
overwhelmed I weep,  bitterly weep
Despair with all the force and power of a hurricane
sweep over me tormenting my mind
presenting my weaknesses and inabilities
which are thrown before me like uselessness
showcasing the poor, pitiful creature of creation I am
The pain of the pass failures, even those of yesterday
taunting and questioning any worth of my being…..
Who am I God?  Who am I that I should call out?
Who am I that I should be able to reach the throne of Heaven
Why would You, Oh Holy One care about my prayers?
Yet it is You who has called me to prayer
Oh wretched person that I am….I call out to You
I weep before You, Oh my God!
In Your mercy, you love me….You love me!
So undeserving of any grace
I fall before You in total shame and surrender
Liquid sorrow continually flows down my face
from the deepest inner most of my being it flows
pooling like a hidden spring breaking forth
Oh the tenderness of Your hand upon me
As You begin to speak my name in such love
Love, love that overwhelms the tortured soul
Your Grace like a salve is applied
Healing the cruelty of self inflicted wounds
Mercy by the blood of the Lamb cleansing the shame
and sin of my failures, my inabilities
Your Strength oh Lord,  begins to surge through me
Forgiveness and Righteousness are the cloak placed upon me
Reaching Your hand out to me, I feel Your heartcanvas
Oh the warmth of Your Presence
Gone is the fear of unforgiveness
Gone is the taunting of worthlessness
Gone are the voices of failure
Softy Your voice begins to speak
piercing my heart with Your words
Pray little one, pray
Pray My Word forth, speak Life where there is none
And you will see My Word move mountains
My Word breaks the darkness of lies and deceit
My Word heals the sick, mends the brokenhearted
My Word breaks all the chains of those bound
My Word sets the captives free
My Word gives strength to the weary
Pray little one, pray
Pray without condemnation
For no longer are you under the curse
Surrounded by Your Glory
You remind me of who I am…
You remind me that I am a Daughter of the Most High
You place on me the mantle of Your love
You have placed on me the Mantle of Prayer
Whispering in my heart, my mind, are Your Words
Encouraging me to boldly speak
With the authority that You have given me
Your Word comes fiercely to my mind
My mouth begins to speak forth Your Truth
Crushing all that would destroy
Banishing all fears of insecurity
Blotting out all past and present failures
And I stand, I stand in awe
Of Your Power and beauty
Filled once again
With the boldness of Your Holy Spirit
I am lifted up into the Holy of  Holies, into Your Presence
Oh, words cannot began to express this
saturation of who You are
There, there in this place I seek to stay
Here in this place I am made whole again
In Your Presence
Remind me Lord, of who I am in You
What You have called me to do
In You there is strength to accomplish the task
You have set before me
In You, I will stay
In You, I will speak boldly Your Word
In You I can say with all boldness
“no weapon that is formed against me shall succeed
and I shall refute every tongue that rises against me in judgment
This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD
and their vindication from me, declares the LORD.”
Therefore I will complete that which my Father has given me to do
without condemnation, without fear, without uncertainty of who I am in Him.
I will boldly come before my Father’s throne dressed in His Son’s righteousness
I will make my petitions known, with thanksgiving and praise
I will continue to pray, for nothing can stop me now

©  Simply Consider This, 2013.


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