temptationYou know, you don’t belong
Playing in the mind as a song
Sung over and over again to me
Til it’s all I know, it’s all I believe
You have no purpose it speaks to me
Why do you try so hard to see
There’s no place for you here
No one cares, no one hears
Cites the spirit’s evil cantor
Breaking the will to bring disaster
For it’s purpose is to destroy
With the emotions it does toy
Divide and conquer is it’s plan
To come between God, you and man

How does one stop the onslaught of lies
Spoken at the most vulnerable times
Crying out my soul pleads
Jesus, please come rescue me
Then I hear His voice calling out
Declaring to me without a doubt
You are precious in My sight
Regardless of this vicious tripe
I have called you by your name
And you are mine, by Divine claim
My Father calls me His Beloved
Nothing removes me from His cover
Under the shelter of His Wings
There to His Words I do cling

Soaking deep to the core my being
Arising now and proclaiming
Who I am, to whom I belong
In Christ forever is my song
So in your face and take that
Defeated the enemy is set back
Running from the spoken Truth
Fleeing God without a truce
For the lies can not stand
Before the majestic Son of Man
So when the lies come to taunt
Break their hold with this thought
Who you are and what you’ll be
Isn’t by what others think or see
Nor is it spoken with deceit
Listen only to the Father’s heart
It’s there He tells you who you are.

©  Simply Consider This, 2013.


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