stock-photo-drawing-a-line-in-the-sand-an-old-metaphor-2360943Children of God it’s time to choose
Let’s get back to God’s Holy Truth
No more can we afford to be
In the world and called Godly

A line is drawn in the sand
on which side will you stand
Time has come to make your choice
no more games of back & forth

There are no 50 shades of grey
Only black or white  for this day
Here & now decide your fate
Stop pretending and being fake

The season of last chance appears
No more time is given here
It’s all or nothing that’s required
Putting on Christ or worldly attire

There’s  a choice that must be made
Remember eternity is at stake
Dabbling in the world’s affairs
thinking it’s okay to settle in there

Caught up in pleasures of a worldly life
blindly lead you down a path of lies
Controlled only by selfish wants
Taking God’s word as nonchalant

The world may say oh come on dude
But God’s Word states clearly, choose
Contrary to popular belief
There really is no in between

Because you are either or your not
With God there’s no in between spot
Arise to be called children of God
or choose to be called nothing at all

Luxury of time is no more
Saints of God the choice is yours
Some day soon Christ will appear
To take His Bride away from here


When He comes what will He find
A pure and spotless awaiting Bride?
Oh that truth I pray He finds
In us, oh Church
An awaiting spotless Bride

A line has been drawn in the sand
Oh Church of God
On which side will you stand?

©  Simply Consider This, 2013.


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