How to Tie Your Shoes

Driving to work this morning I was thinking about the dependence we have upon God.   We are always asking for help, granted there are times when we should, but some things we should be doing because we have already been taught.   He (Jesus) gave us everything we needed to live an overcoming life, everything.  He has already given us the knowledge to do what we need to do – His Word, the Holy Spirit and the ability.

This thought/scene played in my mind’s eye – one of a father teaching his child how to tie his shoes.  Remember teaching your child or sibling to tie their shoes?  You would show them, then take them through step by step several times until they got the hang of it, then step back and say, “Now you do it.”   Stumbling, clumsy fingers would try  until at last they would succeed.  It took several tries to get it done, but finally the shoes were tied.  The first few times it may not have looked so pretty, but practice soon took care of that.  Tying  shoes became “old hat” to them.

Wouldn’t  this same principle apply with our spiritual lives?

God has given us reason, a mind, ability and the opportunity to learn how to win against all opposition, by His Spirit, His Word and the life of Jesus that lives in us – Christ won at the cross and by His resurrection the War has been won.  All of the enemies of the soul were defeated.  The Blood of Jesus shed, the resurrection power of God that raised Him from the dead and defeated Satan for all times.  Christ Won!!!  He won!!  And that same power, the resurrection power, is in us, as was in Christ Jesus.   When we follow, obey, live for Christ…when we ask Him to come and dwell in us – that power is ours, because of Christ living in us.  He is our source of power against ALL the enemies of the soul.

Just seems to me, we ask God for things and abilities that we have already been given – maybe we should start asking for the wisdom to apply these lessons and quit asking God to do it all for us.  Wisdom is the practical application of knowledge  – right?  So as we are taught “how to tie our shoes” so to speak we should start doing it ourselves and quit asking our parent to do it all the time for us, right?

I believe that we all need and should pray for guidance, always, in our lives everyday.  That should never change.  We need to commune with our Father.  Listen and spend time learning from Him.  We need Him, we need Him involved in our lives.  He is our strength, our source of life.

However, if I kept tying my child’s shoes for them, they would:

1) never learn a simple function necessary to keep their shoes on their feet and to keep from tripping over the shoes laces.

2)  soon take for granted that I should/would be required to do something for them that they are perfectly capable of doing for themselves.

3)  not be able to teach others – when or if the occasion arrived.

Scripture verse comes to mind….it’s used, and quoted a lot,  but we really need to take it to heart and live it.

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” (ability, knowledge, determination)  The first part of the verse is a statement Of I, me – not God will do it….. it’s a partnership – You and Christ. The Christ that lives in you.  I can do all things, by the power of Jesus that lives in me.

God has given us the ability – God has given us all we need –  Jesus taught his disciples then said, “Go.”

Why aren’t we putting God’s principles into practical application in our lives?  He said, “Now believe.” He taught, “Now do.”  By His Word, by His Spirit that lives in us we have the ability to live the life of the over-comer.  We need to apply the lessons He has taught us, stepping out in faith, believing in His power that lives in us to conquer and stop asking Him to do those things for us – it’ time to grow up.

Isn’t time we started tying our own shoes?

©  Simply Consider This, 2013.


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