Guido Reni's archangel Michael (in the Capuchi...

Mighty warriors know their place
it’s not standing, but upon their face
before the King who rules and reigns
if this universe is to change
Valiantly they stand in the gap
petitioning the Lord on your behalf
bringing before Him every need
humbly bowing on their knees

Called to battle in this war
are the Saints with their Swords
Standing firm with armor on
in Divine power unyielding  strong

Praises and promises fill the air
in heavenly realms everywhere
Releasing God’s unrivaled power
causing the enemy to cower
Wielding expertly the Sword
mutilating the enemy they go forth
prisoners in bondage no longer held
liberated captives flee to tell
of their freedom from the shame
removing Satan’s deceptive chains

Breaking strongholds, tearing down walls
defeating Satan once and for all
By God’s grace they will not fail
preventing victory in hell
Looking always to the cross
counting nothing as lost
For they know authority lies
in the resurrection power of Jesus Christ
In this fight, it’s with passionate fury
warrior Saints sometimes grow weary
Rest comes ultimately
in the presence of the Almighty

Removing the Sword from their hand
heavenly hosts around them stand
Sheltering the warrior weary
today’s battle field is clearing
Strength renewed within their soul
boldly going forth, for they know
On the earth the battle will rage
for a season in this age
Until the day of Christ’s return
the final victory will not be earned
Warrior saints valiantly stand
with their Sword in hand
Ever vigilant for the right
prepared for another day’s fight

©  Simply Consider This, 2013.


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