I have this posted on my bathroom mirror.  Sometimes I ignore it.

Sometimes I read just part of it.  Sometimes I stop to let it all soak in.


You are the only true God.
Worthy of ALL my praise.
Worthy of  ALL my life.
You are my source for all things.
You give me courage, strength, peace and hope.
Your love, grace and mercy are beyond compare.
I can do nothing without you.

Let your Holy Spirit direct my steps.
Place my feet on the path of righteousness
and help me to keep them there.
Let your grace and mercy show through me
and teach me to be compassionate.
Your love is unconditional and never ending.
Show me your love, oh Lord,
and let your love show through me.

Change me, Father, into the likeness of your son, Jesus.
Ignite in me the fiery passion for your Word
which now lays dormant deep within my being.
Help me to become the mighty man of God
you called me to be so many years ago.
Instill in me the humble confidence of knowing that
I am a child of the Most High King.

©  Simply Consider This, 2013.


2 thoughts on “THE MIRROR PRAYER

    • Thank you. I really have to concentrate on the middle section, especially when it comes to compassion. I can be very lacking in that.

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