The Death of Jesus

The Death of Jesus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I was born, it was a disgusting place for me to be.
In a stable with the smell of urine and feces all around.
Shepherds came down to visit and I didn’t get much sleep at first.
That was the easy part.

As I grew older, my parents couldn’t find me.
They had to go back to the temple where they left me.
I was explaining scriptures to the priests.
That was the easy part.

Later, after John baptized me, I went out into the desert.
Without food for forty days.
I was weak but still had the strength to stand against Lucifer.
I sent him away without giving in.
That was the easy part.

After that, I spoke with authority.
I healed the sick, and commanded demons to leave.
People marveled when I raised someone from the dead.
When I fed the masses with virtually nothing,
or calmed a storm, my disciples were amazed.
That was the easy part.

When the Pharisees had me arrested.
I was beaten, spit on, called a blasphemer and sent to Pilate.
He, in turn, had me beaten with rods,
and then whipped with a cat of nine tails.
There wasn’t a square inch of my body that was not in pain.
With blood pouring from my body,
They jammed a crown of thorns on my head.
I was made to carry my own cross
as far as my human body could handle.
I was led to Golgotha,
where they drove spikes into the joints between my hands and wrists
and through the tops of both my feet to hold me up
and then lowered the cross into its place.
There. I was mocked even more.
They cast lots for my clothes.
And, as I hung naked, they continued to mock me
As my mother and John looked helplessly on.
Beaten,  bleeding, in excruciating pain, barely able to breathe.
That was the easy part.

When the sins of the world were placed on me
So that  you could be forgiven. I accepted it willingly.
When I cried out to my Father and He did not answer.
When I knew I was alone.
When I no longer felt my Father’s presence because
He could not look on sin.
When I cried out. “ABBA.  ABBA. Why have you forsaken me?”
And I knew He did not hear.
Being separated from my Father’s love.
That was the hard part.

©  Simply Consider This, 2013.


2 thoughts on “THE EASY PART

    • Everyone looks at the “sacrifice” of Christ and talks about His death on the cross. Sometimes they forget that the biggest sacrifice is when He took on our sin and, even so briefly, was “cut off” from the love and the connection to the Father because of our sin. I honestly believe that the cup he asked the Father to remove from Him was just that. The absence of the love of the Father.

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