Ever not sure of who you are speaking with on the phone?  When I call my daughter’s house, at times it is hard to know if I am speaking with my daughter or granddaughter because they “sound” so much alike – I must question them, okay, is this Stacie or Hannah?  Even though  I am the one who gave birth to Stacie, since she moved out of the house and started a family of her own, we don’t communicate or see each other every day. Knowing her as my daughter, completely…. but if I don’t talk to her every day, I can mistake her for my granddaughter. Why? Because the closeness of every day living, communication and personal interaction with her has changed.  We still love each other, but the intimacy of every day life we once knew is not there anymore.

The amazing thing is the closer you draw to a person, the more time spent, the more intimate you become, the easier it is to “instantly” know their voice.  For example, my husband calls. I instantly recognize his voice, after all, we have been married for over 25 years and very much in love, still. We share so much with each other, dreams, disappointments, good times, the not so good times, we’ve been through a lot together – know what we like and dislike – we even finish each other’s sentences or speak the same thing at the same time.

Why? Because of the time we have intimately shared together.  Same applies to our relationship with God.  The longer we’re acquainted, (more than just an occasional 2 hr, one day a week encounter), the more time we spend with Him, the closer we become and the easier it is to recognize His voice.

The more time we spend with Jesus has it’s definite benefits…we began to think like Him, understand Him, love Him more and more as every day passes. Then it becomes a necessary part our lives…like the air we breathe, we have to be with Him.

Ah, to be so intimate with the Savior…has your heart ever yearned to be with Him like an unconsoled lover? Just to hear Him breathe, listen to His heart beat, to know the sound of His voice.  To sit quietly and wait upon Him, to share your life with Him.  Do you know what God sounds like?  When was the last time you spent some serious alone time with Him? (crisis time doesn’t count)  When was the last time you craved (just got to have) to be with Him?  Craved Him, like a parched soul craves refreshing…oh, that we would become so desperate to be with Jesus that we would crave that intimacy…heavy the heart would be without the time spent together.

How can we know our Father when we don’t spend anytime with him?

©  Simply Consider This, 2013.


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