The defensive wall of Kirchhain

The defensive wall of Kirchhain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The battle was raging, the city had been under siege for as long as anyone could remember. There was no gunfire.  No rockets’ red glare by dawns early light.  It was an unusual battle.  Those on the inside refused to come out or to let those outside in.
Several times a day those on the outside pleaded with those inside telling them that it was different outside, but those inside refused to listen.
Whenever the watchmen would look outside the city, they could only see one man.  He seemed to be just standing there outside the walls.  Occasionally he would knock at the gate of the city, but those inside chose to ignore him.  They would rather starve to death than have anything to do with him.  Besides, they could only see one man.  They knew as soon as they opened the gate they would be overrun by the enemy and die.  It was just a trick to get them to let down their defenses, so they held out inside the city no matter what the cost.
Those outside broadcast messages to those inside saying, “Surrender and you will be freed.  Surrender and you will live.”  But those inside reasoned, “Who in their right mind could believe that.  No one who surrenders is freed.  They are taken captive and made slaves to the captors.”  So those inside turned away from the messages and resolved to stay steadfast in their disbelief.
Soon, a fire broke out inside the city.  The wells had dried up and there was no way to put out the flames.   Screams rang out throughout the city as people tried to get to the gates to get out, but the administrators kept watch on the gates and slaughtered anyone trying to open them.
Those outside the city wept for those inside, but because the walls were too high and the doors were steel reinforced there was no way for them to reach those inside.  Those outside watched as the flames rose higher, billows of smoke poured out, and those inside perished.
SURRENDER UNTO FREEDOM.  This proposition was never accepted due to reason and logic.  An oxymoron to anyone who cannot accept the Word of God at face value.  This is probably the most difficult thing to get across and the most misunderstood concept for believer and non-believer alike.

© MC Andrews and Simply Consider This, 2013.


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