Border Terrier

Border Terrier (Photo credit: onkel_wart (thomas lieser))

I came home from work today and my little dog, Sally, didn’t come to greet me.  When I called her over I found out why.  She had found what dogs love most–something dead to roll in.  The smell could curl your nose hairs and nearly turn your stomach.

I sprang into action at my earliest opportunity (which was only a few short minutes) and began to run bath water to get her cleaned up.  She was not impressed with the amount of scrubbing which took place, but it was necessary if she wanted to stay in the house.

After the bath, she was once again great to be around but the guilt weighed heavy on her as she hid in the corner.  I made sure that she knew that I wasn’t mad at her and that she was just doing what dogs do, but she could not be in my presence in that odorous condition.

She knows that I love her (as much as any human can “love” a dog) and will always be there to protect her and provide for her in whatever way I can.  She will never go hungry and all of her needs will be met.  Sometimes she must think that I place demands and restrictions on her that she just can’t seem to live up to.  But even when she messes up and I call her on it, she still wants to be near me.

Does this all seem familiar?

If only I could learn that devotion from my dog.  To trust and obey even when I know that I’ve messed up, believing that no matter how bone-headed I am, there is still a Master who loves me,  is aware of my shortcomings, and is still willing to pick me up, clean me up and accept me as his own–always.

Lord, help me to be half the man that my dog thinks I am.

© MC Andrews and Simply Consider This, 2013.


2 thoughts on “LESSONS FROM MY DOG

    • No matter how big the mess, He still lets us in the house and helps us to “clean up”. All we have to do is ask.

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